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Chat Rules

-No serious talk about adult subjects (It's best to keep chat relatively clean).

-Don't spam/flood chat, which means not posting too many messages too fast and not using 5 or more emojis.

-Be kind and don't insult, discriminate, or irritate other users. No ifs, ands, or buts unless specified.

-Be sure to not give out private information. Your name is fine, but your address, phone number, etc. are not.

-If you ask to be a mod, you won't become one. Don't beg/plead.

-Obey the mods, and you'll have a great time here. Don't harass them or give them extensive sass.

-Try to keep online dating to an absolute minimum. Actually, nobody cares. And I totally didn't steal from home4dsi.com!

-When choosing your name color, make sure it's visible!

-Keep yourself from causing drama and starting arguments.

-We now allow swears/curses, however if they are used in excess or used to violate any of the other rules we may still warn.

If you break three rules, you'll be banned and unable to chat for a couple days. Don't get banned, and have fun in the chatroom!

DSi Legacy - Legacy sender

DSi Legacy - Legacy sender

Total registered users: 10 or something
New registered users today: Robdeprop
Newest registered user: BounceScreen

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